The "Musée de Normandie" which was founded in Caen after the end of the Second World War, belong to a new generation of museums, based more on a scientific approach than the principle of a collection.

For 50 years, the "Musée de Normandie" has collected the results of archaeological excavations carried out in Normandy, mainly in its western part. These excavations of castles, abbeys but also modest residences or rural churches have provided a varied "archaeological material" which illuminates various aspects of daily life. These objects can only give a partial view of the past, as all that is conserved is what remains over time (metal, bone, ceramics…) while organic materials (leather, fabric, wood…) have generally disappeared.

From the great museums movement of the 19th century, the "Musée de Normandie" has gathered together the collections of the "Société des Antiquaires de Normandie" (Society of The Antiquaries of Normandy), founded in Caen by Arcisse de Caumont in 1835. There are few archaeological items left, but numismatic collections, a number of scarce items saved in extremis from the church and cathedral treasures as well as a rich series of sculptures and architectural fragments which, in an austere presentation, are a testimony of the diversity of Norman Romanesque decoration.

The bequest of the Musée de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie
    Museum of the society of Antiquaries of Normandy

Pre-Romanesque sculptures and architectural fragments
Caen, church of St Pierre
Deux-Jumeaux (Calvados), the monastery
Evrecy (Calvados), the monastery
Saint-Samson-sur-Risle (Eure), the monastery of Pental

Romanesque sculptures and architectural fragments
Caen, Abbey church of the Holy Trinity (Abbaye-aux-Dames)
Caen (Calvados), Abbey church of St stephen
Caen, Hôtel-Dieu
Caen, church of St Etienne le Vieux
Caen, church of St Gilles
Caen, church of St Pierre
Caen, church of Holy Peace (Sainte-Paix)
Clinchamps (Calvados) church of Notre Dame
Hérouville-Saint-Clair (Calvados), church of St Clair
Ouézy (Calvados), the priory church
Ouistreham (Calvados), church of St Samson
Rocquancourt (Calvados), church of St Martin
Saint-Contest (Calvados), church of St Contest
Saint-Samson-sur-Risle (Eure), parish church
Saint-Sylvain (Calvados), chapel St Martin des Bois
Unknown origin (Normandie)

Archaeological excavation sites

The motte-and-bailey castle of Appeville-Annebault (Eure)
The motte-and-bailey castle of Grimbosq (Calvados)
The bailey castle of Plessis-Grimoult Calvados)
The manorial residence of Rubercy (Calvados)
Caen, castle
Caen, church of St Gilles

Caen, church of St Julien