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Pre-Romanesque sculptures and architectural fragments

Caen, church of St Pierre

The parish of Saint-Pierre, formerly Darnetal, is located at the heart of the town and was the largest in the city. The "Sancti-Petri atrium" is mentioned for the first time in 1083 in the cartulary of the Abbey of the Sainte-Trinité in Caen, but the Saxon origin of the name Darnetal would lead one to suppose a older origins for the place. During the restorations carried out at the base of the pillars of the tower at the end of the 19th century, workers discovered the vestiges of a 12th century construction under the 13th century masonry, which in turn covered the remains of an initial building of the pre-Romanesque period from which the elements presented here originate.


Caen, church of St Pierre : lapidary fragments

Facing stone
8th - 9th century

8th - 9th century