York Minster
Relief of hell from York Minster
12th century

Limestone. The relief shows a cauldron into which the damned souls are being pushed and tortured. Above the cauldron is a well-dressed woman depicting luxury, and there are two figures with heavy purses hung around their necks depicting avarice. The cauldron, licked by flames, is supported by two demons and two devils hold a tortured soul in the flames. To the right are three mouths of hell. The nostrils of the central face are being cleaned by toads. It was long assumed that the stone formed part of an external frieze on Archbishop Roger Pont l'Evêque's cathedral, but since it is very little worn it is more likely that it originally came from an internal structure.
(Louise Hampson, York Minster)
Dimensions: H.c.1.50, W. c.0.75m

: York Minster

(Photo: © Dean and Chapter of York Minster)

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