York, 16-22 Coppergate
Spindle whorls
1-5 Chalk, 6 Limestone.

1. 12th century. Rounded cylindrical shape; decorated with incised ladder decoration in six vertical zones.
Dimensions: D.27, T.24mm

2. late 12th century. Flattened globular shape.
Dimensions: D.33, T.20mm

3. early 13th century. Shallow, rounded biconical shape.
Dimensions: D.36, T.17mm

4. 12th/13th century. Rounded biconical shape; decorated with incised lines.
Dimensions: D.35, T.25mm

5. 12th/13th century. Spherical.
Dimensions: D.28, T.25mm

6. 12th/13th century. Globular shape, decorated with three encircling bands of red paint and incised zig-zags between painted bands; a central hole has been drilled and then re-drilled.
Dimensions: D.27, T.20mm

Walton Rogers, P., 1997. Textile Production at 16-22 Coppergate, The Archaeology of York 17/11, 1736-41, 6565, 6569, 6570, 6572, 6573, 6571
Location and accession details:
York Archaeological Trust 1976-81.7, 1. sf3080; 2. sf1720; 3. sf2268; 4.sf4884; 5. sf5114; 6. sf3197

(Photo: S. I. Hill, © York Archaeological Trust)

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