York, 1-2 Tower Street
Jet chess piece
12th century

Representing a castle. Three straight sides, the fourth with a large central V-shaped notch cut out of it. Both faces are decorated with six stamped ring-and dot motifs, all linked together by incised lines. The top edges of the projections to either side of the V- shaped notch both have five stamped ring-and-dot motifs. There are traces of tin inlay in the decoration. A perforation indicates that the object has been suspended as a pendant. From a large ditch on the north-west side of York Castle.
(Nicola Rogers, York Archaeological Trust)

Dimensions : H.36mm W.32mm T.12mm

Location and accession details :
York Archaeological Trust 1981.3, sf313

(Photo: M. Duffy, © York Archaeological Trust)

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