Gilded and enamelled copper alloy bowl known as 'The Warwick Ciborium'
Third quarter of the 12th century

The cover is lost, and much of the gilding and enamel has been destroyed. On the bowl are depicted biblical scenes : those shown are (left) Jonah and the Whale and (right) Moses and the burning bush. An inscription referring to the scenes runs in a continuous band beneath the top border. Probably made in Northern France.
Dimensions: H.116, D.196mm

Bibliography :
Stratford, N., 1984. in G. Zarnecki, J. Holt, and T. Holland, English Romanesque Art, (Arts Council of Great Britain) 265, 280
Location and accession details
London, Victoria and Albert Museum, M.159-1919

(Photo: © Victoria and Albert Museum)

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