London (said to have been found in the Temple church)
Gilded copper alloy plaque known as 'The Temple Pyx'

A rectangular frame encloses three openwork round-headed arches; there are three soldiers in high relief, each wearing a three-quarter length coat of mail, which also covers the head, and a tunic, pointed shoes and pointed helmet. There is a kite-shaped shield in front of each man. The soldiers may have formed part of a Holy Sepulchre group who were on guard, but asleep with their backs turned towards the scene of the Resurrection.
Dimensions: H.92, W.72mm

Bibliography :
Stratford, N., 1984. in G. Zarnecki, J. Holt, and T. Holland, English Romanesque Art, (Arts Council of Great Britain) 242-3, 234
Location and accession details
Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, Burrell Collection, 5 and 6/139

(Photo: ©Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, Burrell Collection)

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