The Molise territory

The morphology of the territory

55% of the territory of Molise is mountainous while 44% is hilly. 123 of the regionís 136 communities are located in mountainous areas. The orography is characterized by the Mainarde mountain range (Mount Morrone 1805 m) and the Matese Massif (Mount Miletto 2050 m). The main rivers are the Trigno, the Biferno-Tifernus, the Fortore and the Volturno.  
The region is traditionally divided into a narrow coastal strip (hills) and a mountainous area in the interior. Lower Molise comprises the hilly part of the region that drops gradually towards the Adriatic Sea from the Frentani and Daunia ranges. This area is characterized by the presence of historically important cities and settlements founded by ethnic minorities, the descendants of ancient migrations from across the Adriatic Sea (Acquaviva Collecroce, S.Felice del Molise, Montemitro, Campomarino, Portocannone and Ururi). The urban centres of Upper Molise, on the other hand, often face south-east and have the aspect of medieval burghs: they rest on plateaux or outcrops of calcareous rock, with the houses leaning against each other and crowded around a castle or palace or the principal church.