The Molise territory

The local traditions and studies

The bibliography on the Norman presence in Molise, compared with those available for other periods, is somewhat incomplete. The few studies that have been conducted appear to be even more limited in scope if we take into consideration the aspects connected with the history of the territory and of the settlements. A few good studies on fortification architecture are available, although, in our opinion, they fail to present a sufficiently comprehensive picture of the phenomenon. Important contributions have also come from a few campaigns conducted on site (systematic surveys, archaeological excavations and restoration works), which disclose new horizons and indicate more fertile directions for research.  
The study and presentation of the research on Molise’s fortifications, within the bounds of the Raffaello Project, are directed at suggesting a few approaches for the analysis of the conditions that the Normans found upon their arrival, the policies they adopted for the control and management of the territory during their presence, as well as the influence that this presence had on subsequent periods.