York, 21-33 Aldwark
Seal matrix
mid-12th century

Ivory (?walrus). It is circular and has an integral lug pierced for suspension at the top. The legend around the edge is in Lombardic capitals and reads: + SIG +. SNARRI . THEOLENARII . [Sigillum Snarri theolenarii: 'The seal of Snarrus (or Snorri) the Tollgatherer']. Snarrus/Snorri is depicted in a knee-length garment extending one hand towards a bag or purse into which three rings with dots, probably representing coins, are falling. The style of the lettering and punctuation combined with the stylised drapery of the figure suggest a mid-12th century date.

Dimensions: D.38, T. 9.5mm

(Nicola Rogers, York Archaeological Trust)

Bibliography :
Heslop, T.A., 1984, in G. Zarnecki, J. Holt and T. Holland, 'English Romanesque Art', (Arts Council of Great Britain) 318, 373
Location and accession details : 
Yorkshire Museum: York Archaeological Trust 1973, YEG, context 62, sf29

(Photo: © York Archaeological Trust)

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