York Minster
The Horn of Ulph
11th century

Ivory. The carvings around the mouth show animals and foliage. The horn was probably made in southern Italy. The silver mounts and chain were added in 1675. Tradition asserts that in the late 11th century the horn was given to York Minster by a chieftain named Ulph Thoroldsson as a token of a gift of land, mostly in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Ulph overheard his sons disputing over their inheritance and decided to give all his land to the church instead. He filled the horn with wine, drained it at one draught and placed it on the altar in the Minster as a symbol of the gift.
Dimensions: L.710, D.(at mouth) 127mm

(Information from Lizzie Pridmore, York Minster Library)

Bibliography :
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Location : York Minster Treasury

(Photo: © Dean and Chapter of York Minster)

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