Rouen (Seine-Maritime)


First third of the 12th century

This capital surmounted an engaged column. Its basket is in the form of the shaft of an upturned cone, in the lower part, and expands in the upper part. The decoration consists of five fluted stems which rise up, and then fold up and blossom into bouquets of three-part leaves knotted at the extremities and in the middle of the basket. In the corners, which are more intricate, there are three three-sectioned leaves which fold over revealing open-work.

Dimensions of the object
h.: 29 cm ; w.: 39 cm ; depth: 26 cm

- Deville (A.) : Catalogue du musée d’Antiquités de Rouen, 1836, p. 27, n° 60

Musée départemental des Antiquités de Rouen, Seine-Maritime
inv. R.92.87

Yohann Deslandes, Musée des Antiquités de Rouen