Grimbosq (Calvados)
The castle motte

Backgammon piece

11th century

This backgammon piece is made from a disk from the bone of one of the deer family. This type of gaming piece is the most commonly found in the castral sites and is evidence of the leisurely pursuits of the lordly classes.

Dimensions of the objects
Diam. 51 mm

- Decaëns, J, La Motte d'Olivet à Grimbosq (Calvados), résidence seigneuriale du XIe s. - Archéologie médiévale, XI, 1981, p. 167-201

Musée de Normandie, Caen, Calvados
D. 85 6 137, Dépôt D.R.A.C. de Basse-Normandie