Caen (Calvados)
Eglise Saint-Julien

Facing stone

12th century 

Facing stone with beaded plant decoration, consisting of a central oval figure surrounded by small palms. The modelling of the plants associated with beaded stems has no equivalent in Normandy, the closest capitals, in the coursières of the church of the Trinité in Caen, being much more austere. On the other hand it suggests close comparisons with the capitals of Hyde (England). This element could be one of the components of a larger frieze, located on the façade of the church or on a lintel.

Dimensions of the object
H.  0.28 m ; l.  0.40 m ; Prof. 0.49 m  

- Marin J.Y, Leroux P, Margerie P, Rapport de synthèse des fouilles archéologiques menées fossés Saint-Julien sur l'emplacement de l'église paroissiale, Caen, 1991

Musée de Normandie, Caen, Calvados
D 90 2 352, Dépôt du S.R.A. de Basse-Normandie