Caen (Calvados)
Church of  St Gilles

Small columns

First or second half of the 12th century

These twin columns originate from the church of Saint-Gilles, destroyed in 1944. (Caen, Calvados). They were carved in limestone during the 12th century.
These two small columns are separated by a flat surface. The bases are surmounted by torus shaped beading. The shafts are squat; the capitals are ornamented with moulded almond motifs.
These small columns may have formed part of an architectonic composition (such as an altar or retable).

Dimensions of the object
H. 0.33 m ; l.  0.30 m ; Prof. 0.15 m  

- Thybert H, Inventaire du lapidaire roman du Musée de Normandie, Association Caen-Archéologie, 1992

Musée de Normandie, Caen, Calvados
DSAN 83 1218 233, Dépôt de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie