Caen (Calvados), Abbey church of the Holy Trinity (Abbaye-aux-Dames)


End of the 11th century or early 12th century 

This half column capital originates from the Trinité church, in the Abbaye-aux-Dames, in Caen (Calvados). It was carved in limestone during the last third of the 11th century or first third of the 12th century.
The leaves of the lower collaret are distinct and thick, their point stands out clearly. The median console, which is tapered, presents an elegant rounded.

Dimensions of the object
H. 0.23 m ; l. 0.30 m ; Prof.  0.28 m ; Diam. ast. 0.17 m

- Loisel C, Inventaire de la collection lapidaire romane réunie par la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie, Mémoire de maîtrise, Université de Caen, 1972
- Thybert H, Inventaire du lapidaire roman du Musée de Normandie, Association Caen-Archéologie, 1992

Musée de Normandie, Caen, Calvados
DSAN 83 1218 021, Dépôt de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie