Evrecy (Calvados)
the monastery

Springing stone

8th or 9th century

This springing stone in limestone, which has broken into two pieces, is decorated with a frame formed by a thin band in which a foliage decoration in the form of small palms is developed, arranged symmetrically either side of a vertical central groove. From the pedicle of these small palms there are coils standing out in the form of scrolls. This piece has been badly reddened by fire.

Dimensions of the objects
H.  0.18 m ; l.  0.10 m ; Prof. 0.04 m

- Musset L, L'église d'Evrecy et ses sculptures préromanes, Bulletin de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie, vol. LIII, 1955-56. - p. 140, fig. 23
- Thybert H, Inventaire partiel du lapidaire préroman de la Société des antiquaires de Normandie, Musée de Normandie,  1993

Musée de Normandie, Caen, Calvados
DSAN 83 1221 046, Dépôt de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie