Life of saint Aycadre, abbot of Jumièges
Jumièges, 11th century (4th quarter)
136 f. 270 x 200 mm.

Bibliothèque municipale de Rouen, ms. 1409 ( Y. 189)

In folio 1, a large black ink drawing with red, yellow and blue highlights: under a triple arched portico supported by two veined columns and two soaring thin columns, there is a representation of three characters. Saint Aycadre (or Achard), fourth abbot of Jumièges is seated in the centre: he is holding a palm in his left hand, and with the other he is giving the cross, the insignia of the status of abbot, to a monk situated to his right, perhaps the abbot upon whose orders the life of the saint was compiled. To his left, another monk is presenting him with an open book, probably the manuscript containing his life history. Despite some unfortunate re-workings, this drawing is masterly in its execution, and may be attributed to the master of the Jumièges bible.