Fécamp, c. 1120-1130
204 f. 495 x 340 mm.

Bibliothèque municipale de Rouen, ms. 7 ( A 5 )

This magnificent Bible demonstrates the artistic awakening of the abbey in the Cauche region of c. 1120-1130. The style of its decoration is mainly characterised by its ornamented initials, more rarely historiated, and uses the decorative repertoire of the previous period, with varied combinations of interweaving patterns, foliage patterns, human and animal figures. The handling of colour varies: two are executed in gouache, on a gold background; and some highlighted in water colour: in folio 59 v°, the letter H of the word Haec is only ornamented: traced in brown ink, with highlights in green, standing out from a blue background; crouching figures and fabulous animals adorn the ensemble. Later, in folio 72 v°, at the beginning of the book of Joshua, the letter E illustrates the scene where God appears to Joshua. The majority of the initials are however traced by pen and ink without the addition of colour: in folio 148, king Solomon is enthroned at the centre of a large letter C. Two characters seem to be suspended at the extremities of the letter.