Palermo (Sicily)

Roger Borsa, duke of Apulia and Sicily


    Parchment charter bearing the seal of Roger Borsa, son of Robert Guiscard, duke of Apulia and Sicily (1085-1111),  whereby the duke granted Archbishop Alcherio of Palermo (1083-1112) and his successors the hamlet of Gallo and four peasants near Misilmeri. The red wax seal represents Duke Roger seated on his throne, with an eagle at his feet, and holding a crown in his right hand and in his left a spear.
Latin text with Alcherio's signature in Greek. Manuscript dated 7 November 1086, Indiction X.

Dimensions of the object
42 x 29 cm

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Italie des Normands, Normandie des Plantagenêts, Musée de Normandie, Caen, 1995, 42

Palermo, Tabularium of the Cathedral

G. Cappellani