Golden coin
tari, period of the County
(Roger I and Roger II)

1073-1127 A.D. – 521 A.H..


    Gold coin (quarter dinar, called the taŕ) struck in Sicily at the time of the count (1073-1127 AD; 465-521 of the Hegira). On the obverse, the coin is struck with the Tau and on the reverse, in the field, with a traditional invocation to Allah. This type marks a new development of the Tau (Greek cross), perhaps more acceptable than the Latin cross to the Moslem subjects of the Norman count just after the conquest. The T is completed with a triangular motif at the base and cantoned with two points (or bezants).

Dimensions of the object
Diameter mm 13 ; Weight gr. 0,84

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- B. La Gumina "Catalogo delle monete arabe esistenti nella Biblioteca Comunale di Palermo" Palermo, 1892

Palerme, Biblioteca Comunale

G.  Cappellani