Monastery of Mount Sinai (?)

Glass ampulla

Supposed from the 12th-13th centuries

    Glass ampulla used as a reliquary to contain "De liquore capitis S. Caterine". This is what was indicated in an enclosed script. In the middle age, the devotion to St. Catherine was very popular. As well as the use to go on a pilgrimage to the great monastery on Mount Sinai, to purchase some relics of the body of the Saint that was lying there.

Dimensions of the object
Height 5.13 cm; Diameters 1.5 cm close to the edge and 3 cm max.

- "L'età normanna e sveva in Sicilia", catalogo della mostra a Palazzo dei Normanni a Palermo, organizzata dall'Assemblea Regionale Siciliana, Palermo, 1994.

Palerme, Trésor de la Chapelle Palatine

G. Cappellani