York, 16-22 Coppergate
Rope woods

These objects were used with ropes for such things as the tethering of animals and the rigging of ships.

1. (top) early 12th
Oak. It is rectangular and each end is chamfered on one face. It is pierced in the centre by a circular hole.
Dimensions: L.111, W.50 T.25mm

2. (bottom) Late 11th
Oak. It has rounded ends, and near each end it is pierced by a circular hole.
Dimensions: L.173, W.48, T.21mm

Bibliography :
Morris, C.A., 2000. Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Wood and Woodworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York, The Archaeology of York 17/13, 2347-8, 9022-3
Location and accession details
York Archaeological Trust 1976-81.7, 1. sf3437, 2. sf3907

(Photo: S. I. Hill © York Archaeological Trust)

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