York, 16-22 Coppergate
Copper alloy finger rings

1. (left) late 12th century
It has an oval bezel with a decorative notched edge containing a blue glass setting; there is a moulding on each shoulder.
Dimensions: D.25, W.3, T.2; bezel: L.9, W.7mm

2. (centre) early 12th century
Hoop of plano-convex section with three pairs of decorative rectangular mouldings, the largest pair in the centre is flanked by the other pairs, all extend to the sides of the hoop and each is decorated with lozenges containing a saltire cross.
Dimensions: D.20, W.2. T.1mm

3. (right) late 12th century
Incomplete. It has a lozenge-shaped bezel filled with cross-hatching, which has a single projection at the 'east' and 'west' cardinal points and two projections at 'north' and 'south'. The hoop is decorated with oblique transverse grooves and a single moulding.
Dimensions: L.16, W.6, T.1mm

Bibliography :
Ottaway, P. and Rogers, N.S.H., 2002. Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Medieval York, The Archaeology of York 17/15
Location and accession details
York Archaeological Trust 1976-81.7, 1. sf2200, 2. sf4099, 3. sf4192

(Photo: S. I. Hill © York Archaeological Trust)

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