York, 16-22 Coppergate

Four socketed triangular blades of various forms, probably used for hunting rather than warfare.

1. Late 12th century
Dimensions: L.76; blade: W.14mm

2. Late 12th - 13th century
Dimensions: L.71; blade: W.20mm

3. Late 12th century
Dimensions: L.63; blade: W.12mm

4. Early 12th century
Dimensions: L.58; blade: W.10mm

Bibliography :
Ottaway, P. and Rogers, N.S.H., 2002. Craft and Industry, and Everyday Life: Finds from Medieval York, The Archaeology of York 17/15
Location and accession details
York Archaeological Trust 1976-81.7, 1. sf2038, 2. sf2044, 3. sf4895, 4. sf5223

(Photo: S. I. Hill © York Archaeological Trust)

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