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(canton of Brionne, Eure)

Church of Saint-Aubin

    While almost all the outer walls of the nave of this church which are cruciform in layout have been rebuilt in modern times, the interior on the other hand is of very great value.
The monumental character of the nave executed in a fairly archaic Romanesque style, like the quality and refinement of the whole, are unusual in such a small village and leave one to suppose that there was some inspiration from Bernay or some other abbey church which has not survived.
The choir has retained its late Romanesque structures, but these were very significantly re-worked in the 18th century (use of brick): only the chevet wall is intact; its single, isolated window, is identical to those of the south transept. These two ensembles also present in common a lower section in irregular small bonding in flint, topped by freestone limestone of a very meticulous appearance, on the first floor.
The tower and the eastern part of the building which are more recent, are from the mid 12th century, or slightly later.


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