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(Canton of Thury-Harcourt, Calvados)

Church of Saint-Pierre

    The church of St Pierre in Boulon was a dependency of the abbey of St Etienne in Fontenay. It probably dates from the last third of the 11th century. There is evidence of re-building, however: the addition of a tower at the east end of the nave, the opening of new windows and the reconstruction of the choir in the 19th century. The Romanesque elements that have been preserved are the north wall of the nave and the façade built in the "opus spicatum" (herringbone) manner, narrow windows with a single stone lintel and, above all, a doorway located in the north wall of the nave. The orders of the arch, consisting of pentagonal voussoirs, are supported on abaci with palmettes, above capitals representing figures surrounded by snakes.


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