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(Canton of Trevières, Calvados)

Church of Notre-Dame

   The church of Notre-Dame in Colleville, which was badly damaged in 1944, has been faithful restored to its original state. It dated mostly from the 12th century apart from the chapel which was built in the 14th century in the north of the choir and the sacristy which is from the19th century. The elevation of its combined west tower and porch is quite exceptional with its six façade levels and five levels on its other faces. A number of oculi pierce the top level of the tower. This type of opening, which is very uncommon, is found not far from here, in the tower of the church of Englesqueville-la Percée and in the transept of the former priory church of Deux-Jumeaux. The tower is probably from the mid-12th century. The nave originally had a northern aisle, of which the five walled arches remain. The sculpted capitals are keyed into the masonry of this wall. In an interlacing decoration one of these shows a combat between a man and two fantastical animals. Two Romanesque portals should also be noted on the south wall of the choir and the nave. The tympanum of the south portal of the nave is ornamented with a relief representing two griffins (?) disgorging pearled foliage.


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