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(Canton of Creully, Calvados)

Church of Saint-Martin

   Located in the centre of the village in the immediate vicinity of the castle, Creully church was founded by the lord of the region in the 12th century. Virtually nothing other than the base of the choir and the nave remains, which is in five large arches resting on composite piers.
The decoration of the nave’s arches is a geometrical broken staff motif, from the 12th century which is found in Creully both in the church and in the vestiges from the Romanesque period in the castle. At the upper level there are high windows, with external decoration, but no decoration on the inside.
During the 12thc century the nave was covered with ogive vaults, delimiting six saddle arches. The capitals suffered particularly at the hands of over-zealous restorers during the 19th century. The porch, tower and choir underwent significant modifications in later periods.


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