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(Canton of Gisors, Eure)

Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste

    Before the French revolution the village of Dangu had two parish churches presented by the lord of the region. Only the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste, located at the centre of the village survives, in front of the ruins of the castle. The building presents Romanesque traces which were re-worked in the 13th century and in subsequent centuries: in particular a single nave over a crypt, opened up by fully vaulted arches. The décor of the small columns, in broken staff arches, billets, and masked cornice brackets, is common in the buildings of the region.
The barony of Dangu in the hands of powerful families especially the Montmorency family, enabled the church to benefit from rich endowments in subsequent centuries, with the choir in the 13th century, chapel and porch in the 16th century and furnishings in the 16th and 18th centuries.


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