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(Canton of Quillebeuf-sur-Seine, Eure)

Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port

    The village of Quillebeuf was an important port on the Seine whose abbey of Jumièges derived revenues from it. The village is mentioned in texts from before 942 and the church, rebuilt in the 12th century by the monks of Jumièges, probably succeeded a pre-Romanesque edifice.
The church has a nave with five bays and side aisles, opening onto a choir with ambulatory, dominated by a square tower with two floors and stair turret. The only notable modifications to the 12th century church are the choir (16th century) and the side aisles (1786). The most characteristic Romanesque period parts remain the façade and central tower.
The very wide façade is strengthened by two buttresses. The gable bonding above the west door is marked by motifs in lozenge or star form. The door is of a particular type where the vaulting does not descend to the small columns but right down to the ground with side walls and an uninterrupted decoration in geometrical motifs.
The lantern tower has a lower level decorated by fully vaulted arches resting on twin columns, a motif repeated on the upper level with larger arches opening onto geminate openings.


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