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(canton of Duclair, Seine-Maritime)

Church of St André

    Yainville was an old property of the abbey of Jumièges, and has retained a small 11th century church which is very interesting. Its powerful tower, located between the nave and the apse, has a very fine composition. It has a square ground plan, and is supported by flat buttresses and decorated with blind arcatures, which on each side are topped by a fully arched window sectioned by a small column which on the north side has a twisted pattern.
The apse offers a local curiosity which is found in particular at St-Georges in Fiquefleur-Equainville (Eure), St-Pierre in Rucqueville (Calvados) and St-Vigor in Imonville (Seine-Maritime): one of the three small windows that light it is pierced in a buttress.
The current windows of the nave were created in the 19th century, but the narrow Romanesque windows can still be seen in the north wall.

Henry Decaëns


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