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(canton of Caudebec-en -Caux, Seine-Maritime)

Church of Notre-Dame

    The attractive tower of the church of Notre-Dame in Bliquetuit rises in the midst of the meadows surrounded by the willows of the left bank of the Seine valley. This Romanesque tower from the 12th century, which has a square ground plan, is located between the choir and the nave. It consists on the outside of an elegant level of blind arcatures which tops the second level, which is narrower, whose corners are softened with a small column and whose four faces are decorated with a fully arched window divided by a small column.
The choir of the church was rebuilt in the 14th century. The walls of the nave were modified in the 17th century but are still Romanesque; a recent restoration completed in 1964, enabled the discovery of some fine bonding in opus spicatum and the narrow Romanesque windows.

Henry Decaëns


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