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(canton of Evreux, Eure)

Church of Saint-Christophe 

    This very small church, which was a dependency of the Evreux chapter, constitutes, as L. Musset put it “the most perfect and most informative example of an architectural form that has held a place of prominence among the rural sanctuaries of the mid 11th century.”: two rectangles placed side by side and lengthways - the smallest of which forms the choir, the largest the nave -, a very simple elevation, without a tower (just a lantern structure).
The walls are in millstone rubblestone in very regular configuration in fishbone pattern (opus spicatum) with thick overflowing mortar joints; the corners are in freestone.
At the summit of the gables it is still possible to see the encrustation of hollowed stones which constitute the remains of an attempted decorative motif recalling those of Saint-Jean-de-Livet and Saint-Martin-de-la-Lieue, close to Lisieux.


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