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(canton of Evreux, Eure)

Church of Saint-Taurin

    The abbey of Saint-Taurin in Evreux was founded under Richard I (943-996), to house the relics of Taurin, bishop of Evreux in the 4th century. In 1035, Robert the Magnificent turned it into a priory of Fécamp abbey. In the 12th century, major works were undertaken but little remains of the Romanesque building which was partly destroyed by fire in 1195 when Evreux was taken by Philippe-Auguste: 
- the large fully vaulted double roll arches of the north side of the nave built in c. 1130-1140,
- the first un-ornamented level, which serves as a crepidoma at the south arm of the transept and the fully vaulted openings that light it,
- on the outside, fully vaulted arches rest on small columns, with foliage patterned capitals on the east, west and south faces of the transept arm. Each arch is decorated with broken staff patterns and billets. 
Saint-Taurin became autonomous once again in 1247 and its architectural history continued with numerous alterations up to the 19th century.


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