Liste des sites des Plaines de l'Eure

(canton of Beaumont-le-Roger, Eure)

Chapel of saint-Lambert-de-Malassis  

    The priory of Saint-Lambert de Fosses-les-Nassandres or, currently Saint-Eloi, was a possession of the abbey of Bec. it was founded in 1126 by the local lord, Guillaume de Thibouville who gave it a small church which still retains, despite re-working in the 15th, 16th and 19th centuries, its choir with two spans and a vaulted apse in 'cul-de-four' or semi cupola format whose flint walls using abundant mortar, are strengthened by three half columns in freestone, forming buttresses.
Elements are generally re-used in the adjoining accommodation which consists of two Romanesque vaulted spans with massive square piers (porch, narthex or gallery linking to former nave?).


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