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(Canton of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, Calvados)

Priory church of Saint-Vigor

   The priory of Saint-Vigor in Perrières, a dependency of the abbey of Marmoutiers, was founded in 1075 by baron Richard de Courcy. A large church was built at the end of the 11th century. From the Romanesque period there remain the façade, the nave - whose aisles have disappeared, a transept heavily re-worked in the 15th century surmounted by a tower at the transept crossing and a choir with an apse flanked by aisles, one of which retains an apsidiole in the east. Unsympathetic restoration disfigured the interior of the church in the 19th century with the addition of a gabled bell housing with bays. Other elements of the priory are still visible, in particular a tithe barn from the end of the 12th century and a residence from the 16th century which retains a re-used Romanesque lintel in its south wall.n).


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