Liste des sites du Pays de Caux

(canton of Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc, Seine-Maritime)

Church of St Jacques

    Undoubtedly built during the first third of the 12th century, the church of St James at Etainhus follows the plan of so many country churches: a broad nave, a narrower square bay supporting a tower, a chancel with a straight bay and an apse. Unfortunately, the building has not come down to us in its original state. The nave was rebuilt in the early 20th century; however the work spared the 12th c. modillion cornice. The chancel is the most authentic part of the building. The straight bay is covered with a fairly primitive intersecting rib vault. The semi-dome vaulted apse is decorated with round arches, with every other arch pierced. It is strengthened on the outside with elegant engaged columns up to the modillion cornice of the roof; a horizontal plain moulding divides it into two levels, just below the three small Romanesque windows.

Henry Decaëns


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