Liste des sites du Pays de Caux

(canton of Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc, Seine-Maritime)


    The church of Imonville is composed of a nave with side aisles, a projecting transept, a chancel comprising a straight bay and a lower apse. Only the transept, the chancel and a part of the west façade are still Romanesque. The crossing is surmounted by a powerful square tower, now with a saddle-back roof. Both arms opened onto an oriented absidiole which has now disappeared, although the round entrance arch can still be made out. While the straight chancel bay is no longer of any particular interest, the apse is still as elegant as ever. It is stiffened by three flat buttresses which are thinner and narrower at the top. The one in the line of the church is wider, having originally had a small window cut into it to light up the apse, as at Yainville. Large square-edged relieving arches frame windows that have unfortunately been enlarged. At the base of the roof still stands a modillion cornice decorated with four rows of chequering. All the architectural features and carved ornaments of the church at Imonville point to a late 11th c. construction, as at Saint-Jean d'Abbetot. 

Henry Decaëns


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