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(Canton of Mézidon-Canon, Calvados)

Church of Saint-Etienne

    The church of Mesnil-Mauger was built on a bank of the Viette. It is dedicated to St Etienne and was a dependency of the bishopric of Lisieux and of the priory of St Barbe-en-Auge.
The tower at the west end, incorporated in the 18th century doorway, is all that remains from the Romanesque period. It consists of three stages on a base of square plan, which are built in fine ashlars of medium size and supported by two corner buttresses. On its east side there is a small Romanesque door surmounted by a triangular pediment. The two upper stages, defined by moulded cornices, are decorated with arcades. The uppermost is the more ornate with columns and straight openings with large reveals. The timber-framed spire dates from the 17th century.


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