Liste des sites du Passais

(canton of Domfront, Orne)

Priory church of saint-Symphorien

    Saint-Symphorien priory, which was a dependency of the abbey of Lonlay, is intimately linked to the castle of Domfront because, being located within its walls, its church acted as a castle chapel.
Its foundation may have been due to Guillaume Talvas, lord of Bellême, who had the first castle built in c. 1040.
The construction of the currently visible part dates back to the end of the 11th century or beginning of the 12th, a period which in the Passais region saw intense architectural activity, both religious (the abbey of Lonlay and its priories) as well as military (keep of Domfront castle).
The ruins of the building which was destroyed at the same time as the castle in c. 1608-1609 and was covered by three metres of earthworks, were only brought to light in the 1980s.


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