Liste des sites du Hiemois

(canton of Gacé, Orne)

Baptismal fonts

    In the church of Saint-Evroult-de-Montfort, whose nave is completely Romanesque, there is a baptismal font in lead which dates from the 12th century standing on a stone pedestal from the 13th or 14th century.
The font is in the form of a flattened cone 0.46 m high and 0.59 m to 0.71 m wide. It is decorated with a stamped motif in slight relief showing the four Evangelists, between which are shown the months of the year each identified by name, zodiac sign and scenes of agricultural work specific to each season. Each scene is in superimposed registers and set in a decoration of arcades in imitation of the manuscript calendars of the same period.


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