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(canton of Valognes, Manche)

Church Notre-Dame-d'Alleaume

    The church of Notre-Dame d’Alleaume was built on a site where the remains of the Gallo-Roman town of Alauna have been found. The edifice which was altered in the 13th, and 15th centuries (enlargements) and in the 18th century (re-working) retains some elements of the 12th century (porch in the south wall of the choir, door in the south wall of the nave). The lintel of a door in the south wing of the transept shows an older bas-relief (mid 11th century?). It shows two saints under arches (Peter and John?), a down bearing an olive branch and the mystic lamb, an image of Christ. It has not been possible to attribute this rather archaic work to any sculptor of the Romanesque period in the Cotentin region.


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