Liste des sites du Cotentin

(canton of Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, Manche)

Baptismal fonts

    The baptismal fonts preserved in the parish church present a basin, the upper part of which is square in shape and rests on three super-imposed stages receding from each other. The pedestal is made of a square base carried by four short, small, thick columns joined at the feet by a square platform. Three faces of the basin are ornamented with two rows of stars, the fourth with a serpent spitting flames.


- Vivier, Emile. Seguin, Jean. “ Les anciens fonts baptismaux du département de la Manche ”, dans Revue de l’Avranchin, 1942-1943, T. XXXII, p. 14 à 183, (p. 35-36).