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(canton of Equeurdreville-Hainneville, Manche)

Chapel of Saint-Germain

  The commune of Querqueville, west of Cherbourg, is the site of an ancient settlement dominating the harbour. The chapel dedicated to St German of Scotland, in the cemetery of the parish church, is probably one of the oldest Christian monuments in the region.
It is a small building with walls built from small pieces of shale arranged in a herringbone pattern. The chapel consists of a short nave, and transepts and a choir each formed from an identical apse with half domed roofs. 

This tri-lobate plan, which is unusual, is the result of a reconstruction in the 9th or 10th century on remains of a palaeo-Christian basilica which has been revealed by archaeological excavations. In the 17th century, the chapel was topped by a tower which in turn replaced an older tower structure.


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