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(canton of Barneville-Carteret, Manche)

Church of Saint-Germain

    The church of Barneville-sur-Mer, on the west coast of the Cotentin region, is located almost at the summit of the hill on which the village was built. It is dedicated to Saint Germain d’Auxerre. The construction has traditionally been dated from the end of the 11th century and ascribed to the initiative of Roger, Lord of Barneville. The church was given to the abbey of Grestain by Robert de Mortain, half-brother of William the Conqueror in the second half of the 11th century. But the oldest remains have been dated to the 1140s.
The four first spans of the nave are of this period. The elevation to two levels includes large double roll arches opening onto the aisles and two high fully arched windows.
The large arches and capitals supporting them have been given a rich sculpted decoration with considerable diversity of motifs. Two historiated capitals, of a rare quality, stand out from the others. This is the figuration of "Daniel in the lions' den" on the third north pillar and above all the "Baptism of Christ" on the fourth south pillar.
The church was re-worked in the 15th century and suffered partial ruin in the 16th century, probably during the religious wars. Major works were finally carried out during the 1890's.


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