Liste des sites de la Campagne de Caen

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(canton of Caen, Calvados)

Church of Sainte-Paix

    In order to perpetuate the memory of a provincial council (1047) during which the Trêve de Dieu [Truce of God] and the curfew law were imposed, Duke William built the church of Sainte-Paix in 1061 on the right bank of the Orne where it was part of the commune of Mondeville until 1718. Having been sacked by the Protestants en 1562, it was partly rebuilt in the 17th century. It was then demolished during the French Revolution and abandoned in 1793. In 1835, the remains of the building were incorporated into a gasworks which was the target of the violent bombardments of 1944. Only the choir of the Romanesque church remains today.


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