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(Canton of Trevières, Calvados)

Church of Saint-Martin

   The Church of Saint-Martin in Formigny dates from many different periods. The Romanesque nave has been added to with a north aisle, perhaps in the 14th century, and its south wall entirely re-built in the 19th century. The tower positioned between the nave and the choir, dates from the 13th century and the choir from the 14th century. The most remarkable Romanesque elements remain the west façade and the south portal giving access to the tower. The façade presents a central portal decorated with chevrons, framed by two arches with billets resting on lamp bases in the form of human heads. This type of façade, simulating the presence of aisles, is found locally in the churches of Étreham, Meuvaines and Huppain. A statue of Saint Martin on horseback, bearing the date 1601, is positioned in a niche above the central portal.


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