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(canton of Tilly-sur-Seulles, Calvados)

Church of Notre-Dame

    The church of Notre-Dame in Audrieu was probably founded by the abbey of the Trinité of Vendôme. It was a dependency of the latter and of the baron of Audrieu, which probably explains its size. The whole building dates from the 14th century: the nave and its two aisles, which have been heavily re-worked, the choir and the tower at the transept crossing, whose spire was not completed. The oldest part of the building is the transept, which dates from the 12th century. The two transept crossings present a Romanesque portal with a triple archivolt, which is now walled, while an apsidiole once occupied the east side. Only the north apsidiole has been preserved. It is covered with a stone roof in polygonal form, whose groins are marked by toruses.


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