Monreale (surroundings of)


Second half of 12th century

    Formerly knows as St. Benedict’s Castle, this fortified building, which once belonged to the monastery of Monreale, commands a strategic position overlooking Palermo from the top of Monte Caputo, near the Norman citadel. Though dilapidated, its powerful, simple lines are still impressive: it forms a massive irregular rectangle, interrupted at intervals by projecting towers. In addition to the existing fortifications, it is still possible to make out the ground plans of three distinct buildings: a monastery complex; a church with three apses and probably a nave and aisles; and a square keep divided by a central wall – a structure reminiscent of the donjons of Normandy or the ground floor of the Castello di Adrano – another building of Norman vintage.

Vittorio Noto

Kronig, "Il Duomo di Monreale e l'architettura normanna in Sicilia", Palermo, 1965

Melo Minnella Palermo